Installation steps

  1. Get the latest Go agent from

    go get
  2. In order to capture redis latency, you have to wrap redis top level commands such as redis.Client, redis.ClusterClient, or redis.Ring. Then you need to associate APM context to the redis client using WithContext instead of standard background context.

        import (
        func Connection(c echo.Context) error {
            redisClient := redis.NewClient(&redis.Options{
               Addr:     "localhost:6379", // host:port of the redis server
               Password: "", // no password set
               DB:       0,  // use default DB
            client := atgoredis.Wrap(redisClient).WithContext(c.Request().Context())
  3. Update your go module dependency.

    go mod tidy
  4. Restart your Echo server to view your performance data within minutes.

env ATATUS_LICENSE_KEY="lic_apm_aajer7238823kkdsv" ATATUS_APP_NAME="Go App" go run *.go