Installation steps

  1. Get the latest Go agent from

    go get
  2. Add atgorm into *gorm.DB.

    After gorm.Open, you need to call db.WithContext to propagate a transaction context to the Operations:

        import (
            postgres ""
        func main() {
            dsn := "host=localhost user=gorm password=gorm dbname=gorm port=9920 sslmode=disable TimeZone=Asia/Chennai"
            db, err := gorm.Open(postgres.Open(dsn), &gorm.Config{})
            // ...
            db.WithContext(ctx).Find(...) // creates a "INSERT INTO <TABLE>" span
  3. Update your go module dependency.

    go mod tidy
  4. Restart your Echo server to view your performance data within minutes.

env ATATUS_LICENSE_KEY="lic_apm_aajer7238823kkdsv" ATATUS_APP_NAME="Go App" go run *.go