Dashboard provides a graphical overview of the selected data and also gives an insight into the application response time, a quick glance into the part of your PHP calls retaliating most frequently. Get to know your slowest transactions, HTTP failure codes and Transaction throughput using visual information and measure how your backend is performing.

View application performance charts

Response Time

Response time is an average of the total time spent across all web transactions happening within a selected time frame on the server-side. High application response time impacts application performance and is often caused due to latency and resource dissension issues.


Determine what performance levels are considered satisfactory, tolerated and frustrating for your users. This lets you to quickly see the overall level of user satisfaction and helps you improve the experience in your web application.

Transaction Throughput

View the transaction throughput to discover specific details around each individual transaction, where time is being spent in transaction traces.

HTTP Failure Rate

HTTP failure rate provides graphical report about the performance breakdown in finding out which transactions are failing the most and which HTTP error codes are the main cause of these failures.

HTTP Failure Codes

HTTP status codes also called browser error codes or internet error codes are standard response codes given by the website servers on the internet. The status codes helps to identify the cause of the problem when a web page or other resource does not load properly.

Response Time Distribution

Response time is the duration of a transaction from the perspective of the requester, and not necessarily the total sum of all time spent within a transaction. By understanding the distribution of the response times across all requests, you can pinpoint the slowest response times, outlier response times (i.e., those requests that have either unusually high or low response times) that greatly affect the overall response time of transactions.

Slowest Transactions

Captures the slowest performance of transactions from various locations and visualizes how to increase the overall performance of your app.