HTTP failures provide information about performance breakdowns and gives transaction reports. It finds out which HTTP error codes are the main cause of these failures. You can view your error events to figure out the areas where the errors occur with a specific time range.

HTTP Failure Rate

HTTP failure rate provides information about performance breakdown in finding out which transactions are failing the most and which HTTP error codes are the main cause of these failures.

HTTP Failure Codes

HTTP status codes also called browser error codes or internet error codes are standard response codes given by the website servers on the internet. The status codes helps to identify the cause of the problem when a web page or other resource does not load properly.

Performance Breakdown

Get deep insight into the performance breakdown of the transactions of a web page and summary charts about the response time, throughput and transaction.

Response Time

Response time is an average of the total time spent across all web transactions happening within a selected time frame on the server-side. High application response time impacts application performance and is often caused due to latency and resource dissension issues.


View the transaction throughput to discover specific details around each individual transaction, where time is being spent in transaction traces.

Transaction Summary

Transaction summary will display in detail the average response time, total requests, failed requests and failure rates of a particular transaction.

HTTP Failures

View the error events to get the context in which area error occurred with the specific time range. Understand the 400 and 500 error status codes that indicates bad user experience.