Redis is an open-source, networked software project that implements data structure servers. This plugin collects client connections, memory usage, rejected connectons, evicted keys, persistence metrics, etc.

Setup & Configuration

The Redis plugin is included with the Atatus Infra agent by default, please follow the below section to enable.

  1. Copy the Redis example configuration file.

    cd /etc/atatus-infra-agent/conf.d/redis.d/
    sudo cp redis.yml.template redis.yml
  2. Update the file /etc/atatus-infra-agent/conf.d/redis.d/redis.yml with below configurations.

    # Metrics section
          # Host details
        - hosts: [""]
          # Redis AUTH password. Empty by default.
  3. Restart the atatus infrastructure agent.

    sudo service atatus-infra-agent restart


Name Description Type
Total number of bytes allocated by redis. long
Ratio between used_memory_rss and used_memory. float
Number of evicted keys. long
Number of clients pending on a blocking call (BLPOP, BRPOP, BRPOPLPUSH). long
Number of client connections (excluding connections from slaves). long
Total number of connections rejected. long
Status of the link (up/down). long
Total number of commands processed. long
Number of connected slaves. long
Number of successful lookup of keys in the main dictionary. long
Number of failed lookup of keys in the main dictionary. long
Number of changes since the last dump. long